Glucose Hub for Windows 10


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Glucose control and tracking application for anyone using insulin to manage Diabetes.

Tracks not only glucose levels but everything that can affect them including diet, exercise and insulin.

**Unrestricted Trail Version**

Data can be exported to and imported from SkyDrive or Box servers so you can keep your data if you change your phone.

- Can record blood glucose, insulin, diet and exercise
- Automatically records location record was logged. Diary entries can then be viewed on map with tap and hold.
- Detailed diary view
- Graphical analysis of blood glucose averages with min and max readings
- Simple data capture optimised for minimal key strokes with suggestive text based on previous entries
- All data can be backed up to and restored from either SkyDrive or box accounts.
- Ruggedized internal data storage to avoid data loss. Tested with over two years worth of continuous data records and growing!
- Supports both mmol/L and mg/dL units for blood glucose measurements

***Version 1.3 update:
App name change from Glucose Diary to Glucose Hub
Geo location recording added
Added prompt text to glucose level entry screen to explain that the decimal point is fixed in that screen by the glucose units used

***Version 1.2 update:

Redesigned data storage for faster load/save and app start times
Ability to set suggestion prompt history search length
Orientation Lock option
Auto prompt for jab location option
General performance tweaks
Bug fixes

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